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In the last 20 years, besides being a self made artist, Rafael DeJesus has taken advantage of the professional curricular Michigan Department of Corrections has offered him. Rafael’s conduct, discipline, dedication and personal motivation for pursuing an educational background, has permitted him to excel in Construction, and rough and finish  Carpentry through one of the highest accredited curriculums in construction training in the USA. 

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is an institution that “establishes the benchmark for quality training and assessments” standard for construction professionals, similar to those found in institutions of higher learning.  NCCER’s standard fosters national unity among the construction industry while providing a defined career path with industry-recognized credentials. NCCER has partnerships with accredited organizations such as, Associated Builders and Contractors Inc; National Association of Women in Construction, NIA, University of Tampa, Florida, to mention a few.

If Michigan State Governor Rick Snyder grants Rafael a pardon, then his educational credentials would allow him to seek employment in partnership with the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

Rafael’s professional qualifications and achievements have prepared him to find a job in any of the industries he has been trained in. 

Our society and our community can benefit from prisoner’s like, Rafael who, after 22 years of being incarcerated, has learned a hard lesson for his actions, is remorseful for any wrong doing and has taken every measure to excel in his educational pursuits.

Do you believe Rafael deserves a second chance?

Please see slide of some of Rafael’s Certificates of Qualifications.

Thank you for your support!

Curricula Accomplishments page link


Fall 2015 – 2016 

Fiction and Memoir Writing

Spring 2014 -2015

Calvin theological seminary -Basics of Pastoral Care

July 20th 2014

Based on National Center for Construction Education Michigan Training Unit Academic Educational Vocational Awarded Rafael DeJesus a Certificate of Achievement  for Career and Tech And Technical Development in Building Trades Level I, II, III, IV

March 20th 2013

Michigan – Training Unit Academic Education Vocational
Rafael DeJesus Received a Certificate  in Business Education Technology
Level I and II

March 14th 2013  

Received a Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate

January 29th 2013  

FDIC Money Smart -Presented a Certificate for
successfully completing the Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction.

June 14th 2011

National Center for Construction – Education and Research,
Awarded Rafael De Jesus In Third place for Carpentry Level One fundamentals.

July 20th 2011

National Center for Construction – Education and Research,
Was congratulated on behalf of the National Center for construction for completing
NCCER’s Contren learning series program.

Dec. 22nd 2010

National Center for Construction – Education and Research,
Rafael DeJesus was certified to fulfill the requirements for the Core Curricula.


Received a Certificate of award for completing career and technical development in Auto Body.

April 30th 2002

Successfully Completed 638 hours in Career and Technical

April 1st 2003 

Training Auto Body Repair and Auto Body Painting.

August 17th 1999

Michigan Department of Corrections Certificate of Completion for Substance Abuse.

May 22nd 1998

E. C. Brooks Correctional Facility Certificate of Participation for Speech Debate Class

April 10th 1998

E. C. Brooks Correctional Facility Certificate of participation for Men at Work

Feb. 18th 1998

E. C. Brooks Correctional Facility Certificate of Participation for the “Free Your Mind” .

January 31st 1995

Certificate of Proficiency in Office Work.