The Art Kartel 2016 Art show – Facebook Testimonial

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 6.39.21 PMRead full post below:

The Art Kartel Summer Show on Utica, incidentally indirectly partly dedicated to the Independence Day of the United States of America, opened last Friday July 1st and hosted two, one after another evenings of artists receptions, the kickoff 4th of July parties which were great fun as well as special networking opportunities for many NY artists, art lovers and producers.

I am very proud to be a part of it, curating in some of my favorite artists like Katya Zvereva, David Hollier, Stephan Fowlkes, Marcus Glitteris Marcus Glitteris, Elena Sedov, Marina Angelina Reiter and Marty Abrahams with Alexander Pernhorst, Albertus Joseph, Badder Israel, Brian Corvery, Bns Bns, Dinkc, Elstabo Pintura, Eric Kt Loudly, Eric Orr, Jeff Henriquez, JT J.T. Liss, Jill Filino, Kenlly Dillard, Campo, NMEONER, Sharif Makhale, Sienide, Splaz Photography, Nic 707, Real Tres Burner, Elsa Queron, Shay Shayan Mohsin, TWO-О, Loos&Khlun, Dakota Day, Rebel, Sloane, KARTEL. Hosted by Ekko 7 and Scotty Bags.

At this point I would like to point out one very special Artist introduced by our Art Party scene very carefully, quietly and humbly, offering him a new artistic and broadcasting platform for the course. Rafael DeJesus became an artist for the most natural cause – to fight for his freedom and independence. #‎FreeRafaelDeJesus uses art as a weapon to influence the decisions of people in power regarding his own one and only life. Incarcerated for the past 23 years, sentenced for 60 to 100 years for the crime which is and was considered Minor, victim of injustice Refael DeJesus still is a Believer, he believes in Power of Art, he believes in its magic. He believes that justice will come to him through his art and he will gain freedom. What more of an artist can one be… this is what I call REAL.

Please sign the petition asking Governor Snyder to #FreeRafaelDeJesus…

Please visit
and follow him on face book

Thank you The Art Kartel, producer and artist Badder Israell, my power co-curators Suave Rhoomes and Jeff Beler for creating this opportunity and letting me introduce the cause.

Courtesy of Berenice Albright.

Special thanks to Jacqueline Ann Huie for the introduction.

Space provided by Ethan Smythe

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